David "Tonk" TompkinsDavid “Tonk” Tompkins:

  • Graduated from Trinity High School 1980
  • United States Marine Corps Active Duty 1983 – 1987
  • BS Degree in Physical Education w/ Health Education Minor University of Louisville 1991
  • NE YMCA Fitness Coach
  • Crossfit Master’s Competitor
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification May 2013

As a child and also as an adult, an athletic lifestyle has been a constant for me. My lifetime activities have ranged from resistance strength training for seasonal sports, bodybuilding routines to develop size, physical training (PT) in the USMC, and endurance training for triathlons. After many years of training and performing the same old routines and exercises, I began to feel stagnated and felt a need for something new. Then, in 2009 I was introduced to Crossfit and after studying up on what it was all about, adopted it as my new training regimen. Crossfit’s fundamental philosophies and principals made more sense of what fitness truly is and what it’s not. Over the course of the past 3 years, I’ve had the enjoyment of training and leading a group of various aged athletes in Crossfit’s training methods. In those 3 years of training, I can testify that no other training program has produced the results I’ve witnessed, not only for myself but for the others as well. I’m excited now at the opportunity to share my passion with a greater cross section of people with the opening of Crossfit Fixation. I look forward to helping others achieve a greater level of fitness and health by sharing my knowledge of Crossfit.

MARISSA "ROO" HIGGINS: Roo brings a smile to every workout...but don't let that fool you! She is a competitor through and through! As a college field hockey player, she made history at Ohio University. She fuels that competitive spirit through CrossFit, competing in the CrossFit Games and in various competitions in the area. She earned her degree in Exercise Physiology and now works full time with inidividuals with paralysis. She gained her CrossFit L1 Certification in 2014. 

JASON STEELE: Jason is our newest addition! After serving our country in the Military, Jason earned his degree in Administration of Justice at U of L. He is a father of 4...so multi-tasking is nothing new to Jason! He is a huge asset to our team and continues to inspire our athletes. He earned his CrossFit L1 certification in 2014.

TODD HOSTUTLER: Todd is a Chiropractor who has a love for CrossFit. He earned his CrossFit L1 Certification in 2013. He continues to spread his love for Crossfit throughout the city...bringing someone new to the gym almost daily! He is an inspiration to our athletes!

KELLY HOSTUTLER: Kelly brought he idea of F.I.T. (female interval training) to CrossFit Fixation as a way to introduce those who weren't ready to dive into the Olympic lifting side of CrossFit but wanted the same challenge, cardio and strength training CrossFit offers. She loves the challenge of combining body weight, cardio, kettle bells, etc to make a killer workout!